3M / Dymo RhinoPro Vinyl Tapes
3M / Dymo RhinoPro Vinyl Tapes

Colored vinyl labels are a perfect solution for general labeling in and around a facility or where colored labels are required. Color coding gives a better visual recognition to your identification needs. These labels are ideal for warning and safety messages, patch panels/face plates and general labeling where color labels are required. Additionally, vinyl labels can be used outdoors in direct sunlight.


Description Code
Dymo RhinoPro White 9mm X 5.5M Vinyl Tapes80611455942
Dymo RhinoPro White 12mm X 5.5M Vinyl Tapes80611455959
Dymo RhinoPro White 19mm X 5.5M Vinyl Tapes80611455967
Dymo RhinoPro Black 9mm X 5.5M Vinyl Tapes80611470370
Dymo RhinoPro Black 12mm X 5.5M Vinyl Tapes80611470388
Dymo RhinoPro Black 19mm X 5.5M Vinyl Tapes80611470396
Dymo RhinoPro Black 24mm X 5.5M Vinyl Tapes80611470404

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